BREAKING BAD’s Jesse Pinkman To Be A Regular On Prequel Spin-Off?

Bitch CupcakeThe Associated Press has published an article that at a recent press junket for his new film NEED FOR SPEED, Aaron Paul was asked about Jesse Pinkman’s involvement in the BREAKING BAD prequel spin-off BETTER CALL SAUL. Paul is going to asked about Jesse for years due the incredible success of the show, but something new, or old, may be in the character’s future, or past. Paul is said to be in “serious talks” to reprise the role of Jesse Pinkman in a more regular capacity than just a cameo for the spin-off series.

“Anything Vince is involved with, I’m there,” Paul said. “I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days — because it’s all a prequel — it would be fun.”

Since BREAKING BAD ended and BETTER CALL SAUL was announced, both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have expressed interest in appearing on the prequel series.

But what about Badger and Skinny Pete?!

BETTER CALL SAUL debuts this November on AMC.

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